Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and Bridges Services Offered in Princeton, NJ

Crowns and bridges can restore your smile if you have damaged or missing permanent teeth. At DenTull in Princeton, New Jersey, general and cosmetic dentist Janak Tull, DMD, and the team use crowns and bridges to fix enamel damage and rehabilitate smiles. Call DenTull today to request a crown and bridge consultation, or book your visit online.

What Are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that repair damaged, decaying, or missing teeth.


A crown covers a damaged, worn-down, or severely decaying tooth. Once bonded in place, it envelopes all of your tooth enamel above the gum line, restoring your smile and biting and chewing abilities.


The DenTull team might recommend a dental bridge if you lose a tooth to trauma or extraction. A bridge fills the gap in your smile and prevents the teeth on either side from moving out of position.

The DenTull team uses tooth-colored crowns and bridges that look natural and blend in with your smile.

When Are Crowns and Bridges Necessary?

The DenTull team uses crowns to:

  • Attach to dental implants
  • Secure dental bridges
  • Protect weak teeth
  • Restore broken and severely worn down teeth
  • Cover misshapen and discolored teeth
  • Repair teeth treated with root canal therapy

Your dentist recommends a dental bridge if you’re missing a tooth (or several teeth). To get a bridge, you need to have healthy teeth on both sides of the missing ones.

What Do Getting Crowns and Bridges Involve?

At DenTull, the process for getting crowns and bridges is slightly different:

Getting a Crown

DenTull has a CEREC® milling machine onsite that makes same-day crowns.

If you have a damaged or severely decaying tooth, your dentist removes the affected enamel and takes a series of digital impressions. Then, they upload your impressions to a computer program and design a crown to repair your tooth.

After finalizing the design, your dentist uploads it to the CEREC milling machine. The machine mills a custom restoration from a block of ceramic. The process takes about 45 minutes. While you wait, you can read, listen to music, or take a nap.

When your crown is finished, your DenTull provider bonds it on top of your tooth, polishes it, and provides care instructions.

Getting a Bridge

If your dentist determines you can benefit from a bridge, they take digital impressions of your mouth with an intraoral scanner. Then, they send your impressions to a dental lab that designs and manufactures a custom restoration.

When your custom bridge is ready, you return to DenTull. Your provider bonds the bridge into place, checks your bite, and provides care instructions.

Call DenTull today to see if you can benefit from crowns and bridges, or book an appointment online.