Invisalign in Princeton

Invisalign is an excellent option for patients who want to straighten their teeth to have a nicer smile or improve their dental health. We suggest they consider clear aligners, like Invisalign, when it comes to orthodontic care. Invisalign works well because it is convenient for people to use!

Invisalign Princeton NJ

Why Is It Needed?

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to the need for Invisalign. Some of these are crowding, bite issues, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites. Ultimately, Invisalign is a less noticeable way to treat orthodontic concerns.

You Can Conveniently Remove Them

Instead of having metal braces fixed to your teeth, choosing Invisalign allows you to wear a removable, see-through layer over your teeth to help them straighten out.

You don’t have to wear Invisalign aligners all the time. Instead, you can wear them throughout the day and remove them for different situations. For example, you can take off the Invisalign when you want to eat. Removing the Invisalign will prevent food from getting all over it. You can also remove the Invisalign for a bit if you feel some discomfort in your mouth.

Even though you can do this, make sure you talk with your dentist to find out how long you need to wear the Invisalign daily to ensure your teeth straighten correctly.

Minimal Discomfort from Pain and Cuts

Metal braces tend to cut your mouth, especially inside your lips. Also, they usually cause pain whenever you need to get them tightened or adjusted. The discomfort can last for days at a time. Wearing Invisalign eliminates these problems! Metal braces sometimes get food stuck in them and prevent you from eating specific foods. However, when you wear Invisalign, you can eat those foods with minimal issues because the aligners are removable, making them more convenient than braces.

Receive Amazing Results

As you wear Invisalign, you’ll see the results develop in front of you. With braces, the wires and brackets cover up your teeth, making it harder to see them straightening quickly. While it does take a while to finish Invisalign treatment (which is still usually less time than traditional metal braces), you can see your teeth slowly straighten out each week, allowing you to enjoy the results!

Completion time

Invisalign treatment begins showing results in a matter of weeks. While treatment can last up to two years, it can take as little as six months to complete the treatment depending on your specific needs!

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Invisalign remains an excellent choice for those who want to straighten their teeth and avoid metal braces. Invisalign works great, so you need to review your options and see how it can help you. If you need more information on Invisalign and dental care, contact us or call us at (866) 336-8855 to set up an appointment at our Princeton, NJ, office.