Dental Implants in Princeton

Dental implants are an innovative way to replace missing teeth. Because of their versatility and long-term oral health benefits, this treatment is one of the best options available! Dental implants can last a lifetime and keep your smile healthy and attractive when taken care of properly.

Dental Implants Princeton NJ

Why Is It Needed?

The loss of a tooth or several teeth leaves you with four basic options to choose from: dentures, a bridge, dental implants, or leaving a gap from the missing tooth/teeth. For the majority of our patients at DenTull, we believe that dental implants are likely their best option in replacing missing teeth. Dental implants come the closest to replicating the function, look, and feel of a natural tooth.

There are many benefits to choosing Dental Implants for replacing missing teeth! These are five of the most significant benefits of receiving dental implants to replace missing teeth.


Dental Implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

While there is no guarantee on how long implants will last, it is possible for implants to last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene. However, some people may need the crown on the implant replaced within 15 years or so due to regular wear and tear.

In contrast, a dental bridge likely needs to be replaced every five to 15 years. To keep dentures in good shape, they must be replaced every five to eight years and require regular adjustments because of bone loss in the jaw.

Dental Implants Prevent Jawbone Deterioration

A healthy jawbone relies on the stimulation provided by the roots of teeth to prevent deterioration. However, the pressure on your jawbone reduces when you lose a tooth. Dental implants support the jawbone and help to prevent this deterioration.

When you lose a tooth, a dental implant can be used to replace the missing tooth’s root and stimulate your jawbone in the same way. This preserves the shape of your mouth, jaw, and face over time by keeping your jawbone from degenerating.

Dental Implants Help Preserve Adjacent Natural Teeth

Many dentists believe that dental implants are a more conservative option for replacing missing teeth, despite the invasive nature of the procedure. This is because dental implants do not affect your natural, adjacent teeth. Implants are anchored in the jaw in the same way natural teeth are. On the other hand, dental bridges are attached to the neighboring healthy teeth on either side of the gap that results from a missing tooth.

Dental Implants Allow You To Chew Like Natural Teeth

Dr. Janak Tull and Dr. Lekha Tull can design dental implants that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile and fill in the space left by your missing tooth or teeth. You and your dentist are likely the only ones who can only identify implants since they will look and function like your natural teeth.

Since the base of a dental implant is surgically placed directly
into the jawbone, the implant has increased stability and strength. Your jawbone grows around the titanium base in your jaw during the healing process, increasing its stability. Implants are made to feel as natural as possible, and you can chew using them naturally. Once your implant is fully restored you will be able to eat your favorite foods again!

Dental Implants Help To Prevent Gum Diseases

Cavities and gum disease are more likely to affect you when you have missing teeth. Tooth brushing and flossing can be more difficult when your teeth point toward empty sockets. In addition, food particles, bacteria, and plaque can accumulate in empty tooth sockets. Untreated dental plaque is the primary cause of most oral health problems, such as gum disease. Thus, replacing missing teeth with dental implants helps to keep your mouth healthy.

To keep bacteria from accumulating in your mouth and causing
infections, you must still take care of your dental implant. However, the material used to make dental implants is resistant to decay. Dental Implants prevent any worry of developing gum disease!

With Dental Implants, there is no need to purchase any additional products like special flossers, adhesives, or other gimmicks. You simply brush and floss as you would with your natural teeth!

Recovery time

Some minor dental surgery and a longer recovery period are necessary, but this treatment option offers the best long-term solution to replace missing teeth. Implants are a multiple step procedure and the recovery time can vary from patient to patient.

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